Jordy van den Aardweg

Freelance Frontend Developer (available for hire). Loves to create new things. Loves to work with React, Vue, Node and creative people.

My Projects

GitHub repositories that I've built.

Automatically split large text into parts Google's Text To Speech API can consume and concatenate the audio into one single buffer.
TypeScript 1 0
🔍 LinkedIn profile scraper using Puppeteer headless browser. So you can use it on a server. Returns structured LinkedIn public profile data in JSON format.
JavaScript 1 0
A tool to identify the skills of a developer and categorize them. So it can be used to find matching project requirements, related developers or missing skills.
JavaScript 0 0
👨‍🍳 Dutch food recipe app to quickly get you inspiration on dishes by excluding ingredients you don't like.
The API layer for using multiple cryptocurrency exchanges
JavaScript 0 0
🚀 Realtime data of multiple cryptocurrency exchanges combined into one websocket.
JavaScript 1 0
🚀 Fast and easy to use mobile trade interface for cryptocurrencies. Track your trades to the moon and beyond. Currently only for Bittrex.
🔔 Receive an instant notification on your phone when Coinbase announces a possible new cryptocurrency listing. So you can buy before the pump. Join our Telegram channel: @CoinbaseNotifier
JavaScript 1 0
🏦 Compare cryptocurrencies that have a limited supply, just like Bitcoin (work in progress)
Easy to use mobile trade interface for multiple cryptocurrency exchanges.
JavaScript 0 0
The front facing website of Coinaly explaining the features. Not the app itself.
HTML 3 0

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